by The Sunset Shipwrecks

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This album is dedicated to the idea of community. To the understanding that we are all interconnected, and that we are at our best when we are responsible to something more than our own self-interest. To the notion that our homes and cities are not merely property to be used as vehicles for investment and speculation, but places for people to live, work, raise families, and grow roots. To the rejection of the cycle of boom and bust that enriches the few and leaves large swaths of human devastation in its wake. And to the hope (however unlikely) that the phoenix of San Francisco can rise again—this time not from a great earthquake, but from the ruin of failed economic policies and the tyranny of those who care more about profits than their fellow citizens. Raise your voice, light the match.


released May 27, 2016

Recorded at Sharkbite Studios, Oakland CA
Produced by Kevin Army
Engineered by Ryan Massey, Scott Evans and Kevin Army


all rights reserved



The Sunset Shipwrecks San Francisco, California

Unrepentant Rock and Roll from the fog belt.

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Track Name: Leave Me In The Grove
There's a grove that stands tall in a clearing
Redwood clings to the earth and scratches the sky
The family name is carved within there
They baptized me in champagne and good cheer
There in the shade of the grove

I've lived a life of many loves
I've laughed with friends and family at my side
I've traveled the world
And I married a girl
But lately I've been haunted by by the grove

Leave me in the grove
Let the rain wash the flesh from my broken body
Leave me in the grove
Let the sun bleach my tired bones
Let time and decay push my mortal remains
Down deeper into the grove

Lately my travels have dwindled to nothing
And my home has swept me aside
My body and spirit have let me down
Or perhaps it's the other way round
But now I just want to lay there in the grove

Leave me in the grove
Like my father before me
Leave me in the grove
So my body can dwell with my soul
Let time and decay push my mortal remains
Down deeper into the grove

Let time and decay push the joy and the horror away
Leave me in peace in the grove

Sometimes I feel the only place that I won't be turned away
Is there in the ground in the grove
Track Name: Community
Here in the Bay times are looking pretty lean
Except for those with more wealth than has ever been seen
Can we survive? I guess we’ll find out in good time
The richest are getting richer, everyone else is getting poorer
You never knew there was a battle ‘til you found yourself with no quarter
And that ain’t right, but I guess sometimes that’s just this life

Oh sweet babe, we’re not getting any younger
We keep working harder but we’re barely treading water
Hold my hand girl, we’re going to be all right
We’ve got to rage against the dying of the light

This city sleeps with a cocaine fever sheen
The wildly entitled relive the 80s dream
But that’s all right, bust follows boom every time
And when the bubble bursts we won’t be crying for your plight

Somewhere far from here, the displaced dream
Of a place they fought for and lost to greed
Capital don’t care about community
Track Name: Your Love Keeps Me Whole
One third of my lifetime, I've woken up with you
You've seen me at my best, you’ve seen me sleep in puke
We make our way through this wicked world
We fight as equals, two against them all
There are so many directions that I've been pulled
But your love keeps me whole

We were children when we first met
You were lovely with your dyed black hair
You bought me cocktails, I had no cash
The nights were perfect work was a drag
I guess now we're getting old
But still your love keeps me whole

It's another morning and I'm still here
I used to travel the world now I never leave
It's damn lucky you've grown used to my idiot ways
And lucky me, you're getting hotter with age
Why should that be? Well, I don't know
But your love keeps me whole
Track Name: Vengeance Will Be Mine
Well, your kiss was a curse

And it has haunted me these last few years

And unlike Judas before

You shan't be forgiven, I'll have vengeance if it takes forevermore
So if you see dark figures from the corner of your eye
Or a threatening shadow in the night

Your heart may race while you twist, fearful on my line
Perhaps I'm just biding time?

Trust me when I tell you I am coming

A dark whisper in the wind

A snake in your bed

Vengeance will be mine

Oh, old trusted friend

I never dreamed this was how it would end
With you a traitor damned

Your struggling throat in my hand
You fooled me once, shame on me

That second time, it was fait accompli

No more shall you wrong, no more shall you lie

No peaceful dreams will accompany your nights
Track Name: Light The Match
Let's slip off the rope let's cut the cord I can't take no more
Babe we gotta get out of here

There's nothing left but ash in my mouth this ain't our town
Best time we hit the road

We won't be seen we'll get up long before sunrise

I'll hold the bottle of gasoline, kiss me and light the match

The buildings continue to rise, but The City died

The building continues but there's no water and the state’s on fire
Build ever higher on shaky land, build on bay fill and sand

The ocean will rise, slip-strike goodbye

No more will we be seen haunting the old neighborhood

It's no good to scratch and claw, burn the memory down and leave for good
Track Name: All The Road
My darling and I went out dancing tonight

We hit the afterparty in full stride

We're laughing and drinking with our friends creekside
And she's looking at me, lovely and sly

It's a long walk home and it's a moonless night

We thought to bring the bottle but forgot to bring light

You know me, don't you babe

In any other circumstance I'd rather stay
Up all night with this motley lot

Raging with the devil and laughing at god
It’s a long walk home babe, it’s a long walk home

But we both know right where we're going

To a bed where we can tangle the sheets until dawn
It's a moonless night and we drank everything in sight
Now we're walking home

Walking home, yeah we’re using all of the road
Track Name: Get Busy
My babe and I were talking
About our hopes and dreams
I guess there's a clock ticking?
I'm not listening, no
All time is borrowed time
And I'm only keeping half an eye
On an uncertain future

Life can keep you caged in
Toiling on hook and line
Working towards a future that may never arrive
Time’s a damn thief
I'm tired of gnashing my teeth
Each day is a gamble I'm letting it ride

Time flies, yeah it's true
Got to hold onto something, I'm holding on to you
We’re burying old friends and the dreams of youth
Best get busy living while the living's still good

The years have passed so quickly
And some of the old fading dreams
Weren't as important as they seemed
Old friends are scattered far apart
But I keep them in my heart
And plunge ever forward

You say I'll catch my death?
You're wasting your breath
Which pleasure shall I give up next?
Time’s a damn thief
I'm tired of gnashing my teeth
Each day is a gamble I'm letting it ride
Track Name: Songs Of A Young Man
When I was a young man I loved a girl

And I wrote mournful songs I wished she would hear me sing
And they were filled with promises I hoped she'd believe

See, I believed I had laid out my yearning heart
In such detail there could not be deceit

But that was the song of a young man
My heart was a burning ember that kept me awake all night
Whenever you didn't come ‘round I'd dream of holding you tight
But those were the dreams, the dreams of a young man

And if you heard the song I sang to you

I wish you luck, honey I wish you other love
And if you started thinking I was the one

Darling I'm telling you, I've moved on

Girl I tell you I do deeply sympathize

But you left me hanging for too long

And I’ve come to realize

That was just the song of a young man

Yeah my heart was so tender

But I was so unwise

I didn't know heads from tails and that's why I've come to realize
Don't go believing the songs of a young man
Track Name: The Tide Will Rise
By the time we reached the water
we were shaking with the Pacific Ocean chill
And the fog swirled
We flung ourselves headlong into the sea
plunging from a year of misery
and our dogs danced nervous on the shore

Hugged old friends and wished them a good New Year
We all agreed that this would be McCaughan's year for sure

Then we hit the Riptide
And drank in the New Year
Had some Bloody Marys and some pitchers of beer
Warmed our bones by the fire
Like so often before
I refuse to believe that won't happen no more
It's only a matter of time until the Tide rises again

When the news hit I was on the Superior shore
It came from a town I don't live in no more
But it cut me right to the bone
Place can anchor memory
Adrift I found myself longing to be back there
In my foggy home
Seems so stupid now to cry
It's already been so long since we said our last goodbyes

But now I wanna hit the Riptide
And drink in the New Year
Have some Bloody Marys and some pitchers of beer
We'll warm our bones by the fire
Like so often before
I refuse to believe it won't happen no more
It's only a matter of time until the Tide rises again

Darling it's two AM it's time for closing
The cops are all sideways and I think Erin’s broken
Best we leave of our own accord
Arm in arm fog breathing
Arm in arm walking and weaving
Singing a song as we stagger our way home

Yeah we'll hit the Riptide
Like so often before
I refuse to believe that won't happen no more
It's only a matter of time until the Tide rises again
Track Name: No Justice
There's nothing left but the slightest vestige of a society
No safety net, no sense of belonging, or of owing something
Instead we are segmented, constant stimulation has replaced our dreams
Blinders on, senses dulled, staring at our little screens

There's a generation in jail, just wasting away
When the economy tanked, we bailed out the banks
and bonuses were still paid
Sell drugs on the streets you'll be doing hard time
But making millions lose their homes is treated like a victimless crime
The money keeps pouring into the best government the wealthy can buy

The protest always dies away
People are scared of their own shadows of course they're scared of change
We’ve gotta say, that this ends today

I think it's time we all valued ourselves just a little bit more
There's no person on earth who deserves seven hundred to your one
Will there ever come a day when you open your eyes and see
Wall Street's high cult of capital is nothing but a Ponzi scheme
Drowning in debt, drowning in a toxic culture that poisons everything

People march, hold hands and pray
But the few years we are allotted are quickly fading away
We’ve gotta say, that this ends today

Will the cycle of violence turn once more?
Will the masses rise up against the mighty? Will the guillotine roar?
Violence will beget more violence and blood will fill our streets
Until we finally learn that without justice there’s no peace

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